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    Laptop batteries can only ship via FedEx or UPS GROUND!
    HP Battery- 6-cell lithium-ion (Li-Ion) 47Wh - Refurbished

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      Purchase HP Battery- 6-cell lithium-ion (Li-Ion) 47Wh - Refurbished

      SKU: HEW-456864-001-R_Outright
      HP Battery- 6-cell lithium-ion (Li-Ion) 47Wh - Refurbished

      Condition: Refurbished
      Purchase Type: Outright

      Stock Status: Available to Special Order




      Laptop batteries can only ship via FedEx or UPS GROUND!

      Compatible with:

      Compaq 510 Cel T1500 14.0 1GB/160 PC
      Compaq 510 Cel T5870 14.0 2GB/160 PC
      Compaq 510 Notebook PC
      Compaq 510 Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)
      Compaq 510 T5870 14 1GB/250 BLK NB PC
      Compaq 510 T5870 14.0 2GB/250 BLK PC
      Compaq 510 T5870 14.0 2GB/320 BLK PC
      Compaq 511 Notebook PC
      Compaq 511 T5870 14.0 2GB/320 BLK PC
      Compaq 515 14.0 2048/250 NB
      Compaq 515 Notebook PC
      Compaq 515 Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)
      Compaq 515 QL-66 14 2GB/320 BLK PC
      Compaq 515 QL-66 14.0 1GB/250 BLK NB PC
      Compaq 515 QL-66 14.0 2GB/320 BLK PC
      Compaq 515 SI-42 14 2GB/250 BLK PC
      Compaq 515 SI-42 14.0 2GB/250 BLK PC
      Compaq 516 Notebook PC
      Compaq 516 QL-66 14.0 1GB/320 BLK NB PC
      Compaq 610 Notebook PC
      Compaq 610 Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)
      Compaq 610 T5870 15.6 2GB/160 PC
      Compaq 615 Notebook PC
      Compaq 6535s Notebook PC
      Country Kit dc7100
      Custom Image NTT FRO
      Custom Image-DHL
      HP 1.44MB SFF Floppy Drive
      HP 540 T1500 14.1 1024/160 PC
      HP 540 P550 14.1 1024/160 PC
      HP 541 Notebook PC
      HP Compaq 6530s Notebook PC
      HP Compaq 6530s T5870 14.1 2048/160 PC
      HP Compaq 6530s VB32 P7370 64149 PC
      HP Compaq 6531s Notebook PC
      HP Compaq 6535s Notebook PC
      HP Compaq Business PC dx7200 Microtower
      HP Compaq CPQ515 QL-66 160/2GB PC
      HP Compaq CPQ515 QL-66 14.0 160/2GB PC
      HP Compaq T5870 14.0 2048/160 PC
      HP Compaq d330 DT SRP - NONACT ALL
      HP Compaq d330 DT SRP - NONACT BRZL
      HP Compaq d530 SFF Desktop PC
      HP Compaq d530 Small Form Factor Desktop PC
      HP Compaq dc5000 Microtower PC
      HP Compaq dc5100 MT - PCCS ALL
      HP Compaq dc5100 SFF - PCCS ALL
      HP Compaq dc7100 Convertible Minitower PC
      HP Compaq dc7600 CMT - PCCS ALL
      HP Compaq dc7600 SFF - PCCS ALL
      HP Compaq dc7700 Small Form Factor PC
      HP Compaq dc7800 Small Form Factor PC
      HP Compaq dx7300 Slim Tower PC
      HP Compaq dx7400 MT -NONACT ALL
      HP Wkstn xw4100 P3.2 512M XPP 23242
      HP Workstation xw9400 SRP US
      HP Workstations xw6600 SRP PCCS ALL
      HP d325 Microtower Desktop PC
      HP d325uT AMD2400 40GCD-ROM512M XPRO US
      HP d325uT AMD2400/40G 256M XP PRO US
      HP d325uT/AMD2400/40AR/256E/XP Home US
      HP dc5150 SFF - PCCS ALL
      HP dc530CMT P3.0E 160G 1.0G Win XP Pro
      HP dc530CMT P3.0E 80G 1.0G Win XP Pro
      HP dc7700 SFF - PCCS ALL
      HP dc7700 SFF - SRP US
      HP dx2200 MT - PCCS ALL
      HP dx5150 MT - PCCS ALL
      HP xw4100/2.80GHz/1GB/80GB IDE/WinXP WS
      HP xw4100/2.80GHz/512MB/40GB/WinXP WS
      HP xw4100/3.00GHz/512MB/80GB/Linux,WS
      HP xw4100/3.00GHz/512MB/80GB/WinXP WS
      HP xw4100/3.20GHz/1.5GB/2x36GB/WinXP WS
      HP xw4100/3.20GHz/2GB/146GB/WinXP WS
      HP xw4100/3.20GHz/2GB/36GB/WinXP WS
      HP xw4100/3.20GHz/512MB/80GB/Linux,WS
      HP xw4100/3.20GHz/512MB/80GB/WinXP WS
      HP/Compaq d325T/A2800/19020/4 TAI
      HPxw3100,2.6GHz,512MB,160GB IDE,Win2K,JP
      HPxw4100,2.80GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,WinXP,US
      MISC - SKUs KOR
      MISC - SKUs UK
      MISC SKUs - dx2300 MT ALL
      MISC SKUs US
      NTT - East OPTOS
      NTT - West OPTOS
      Product Description Not Available
      SRP/HP Compaq 6720s EURO
      SRP/HP Compaq 6720s TURK
      Wrls kbd carbonite/slvr EAK CTO5 AB0
      XW3100,2.4GHz, 128MB,40GB,WinXP,US
      XW3100,2.4GHz,512MB,160GB IDE,Win2K,JP
      XW3100,2.4GHz,512MB,no graphics,Win2K,JP
      XW3100,2.6GHz,512MB,40GB IDE,Win2K,JP
      XW3100,2.6GHz,512MB,40GB IDE,WinXP,JP
      XW3100,2.6GHz,512MB,40GB IDE,WinXP,TVP
      XW3100,2.6GHz,FireGL T2-64s,WinXP,AP
      XW4100 P4 2.4GHz 512MB 36GB CD WXPP
      XW4100, 2.80 P4, 40, XP-Pro, NVS 200
      XW4100, 3.0, 1GB, 80, XP-P, No-Graphics
      XW4100,2.4,1GB,40,W2K,Nvidia 2D
      XW4100,2.4,512 DDR,40,XP-Pro,NVS100
      XW4100,2.4,512MB,40GB HD,XP-Pro,NVS200
      XW4100,2.4GHz,128MB,40GB IDE,WinXP,NA
      XW4100,2.4GHz,1GB,160GB IDE,WinXP,AP
      XW4100,2.4GHz,256MB,40GB IDE,Win2K,US
      XW4100,2.4GHz,256MB,40GB IDE,WinXP,EU
      XW4100,2.4GHz,256MB,40GB IDE,WinXP,NA
      XW4100,2.4GHz,512MB,40GB,WinXP Pro,TVP
      XW4100,2.4GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,Win2K,JP
      XW4100,2.4GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,WinXP,JP
      XW4100,2.4GHz,Quadro4 830XGL, WinXP,US
      XW4100,2.4GHz,Quadro4 980XGL,Win2K,US
      XW4100,2.6GHz,1GB,80GB IDE,WinXP,US
      XW4100,2.6GHz,1GB,NVIDIA Q4 200,WinXP,US
      XW4100,2.6GHz,2GB,80GB IDE,WinXP Pro,EU
      XW4100,2.6GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,Win2K,JP
      XW4100,2.6GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,WinXP,JP
      XW4100,2.80 P4,80,XP-Pro,980XGL
      XW4100,2.80GHz/1MB,1GB,80GB ,WinXP,US
      XW4100,2.8GHz,1.5GB,2x36GB SCSI,Win2K,JP
      XW4100,2.8GHz,1GB,40GB IDE,WinXP,NA
      XW4100,2.8GHz,1GB,WinXP,Lehman Bros
      XW4100,2.8GHz,2GB,2x36GB SCSI,Win2K,JP
      XW4100,2.8GHz,512MB,40 GB,XP,JP
      XW4100,2.8GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,WinXP,US
      XW4100,2.8GHz,512MB,Quadro4 200NVS,TF1
      XW4100,2.8GHz,Quadro 200NVS,WinXP,US
      XW4100,2.8GHz,Quadro4 380XGL,WinXP,US
      XW4100,2.8Ghz,1GB,Quadro4 380XGL,special
      XW4100,3.00GHz,4GB,36GB SCSI,WinXP,US
      XW4100,3.0GHz,1GB,36GB SCSI,WinXP,EU
      XW4100,3.0GHz,1GB,North West Institute
      XW4100,3.0GHz,2GB,80GB IDE,DVD,WinXP,NA
      XW4100,3.0GHz,2GB,80GB IDE,WinXP,NA
      XW4100,3.0GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,Win2K,JP
      XW4100,3.0GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,WinXP,JP
      XW4100,3.0GHz,512MB,WinXP,N.W. Inst.
      XW4100,3.0GHz,Quadro4 200NVS,Win2K,JP
      XW4100,3.2GHz,1GB,160GB IDE,WinXP,JP
      XW4100,3.2GHz,1GB,36GB SCSI,Win2K,JP
      XW4100,3.2GHz,1GB,74GB SATA,WinXP,EU
      XW4100,3.2GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,Win2K,JP
      XW4100,3.2GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,WinXP,JP
      XW4100,P4 2.8,80G,XPPro,Quad NVS 200
      XW4100X, 2.8GHz, 2GB, 36S, XP-P, 980XGL
      Xw4100,P4 2.8 800FSB,40/7200,CD-ROM
      d325m/A2600/40ac/512D/4 LTNA
      d330D/P2.4/40bc/256D/4 ALL
      d330D/P2.6C/40bc/256G/4 ALL
      d330T/P2.4/40ac/256E/4 ALL
      d330T/P2.4/80ar/4.0E/4 ALL
      d330T/P2.66/40ac/256E/1 ALL
      d330m/C2.2/40adr/256B/3M ALL
      d330m/P2.66/40bz/512E/2 ALL
      d5000S NONACT (MISC) US
      d530C/C2.0/40bc/256E/4 ALL
      d530C/C2.2/40bc/256E/4 ALL
      d530C/P2.66/18842/4I ALL
      d530C/P2.66/40bc/512D/2 ALL
      d530C/P2.8/40bd/512E/4 ALL
      d530C/P2.8A/24814/4I ALL
      d530C/P2.8C/40bc/4.0G/3 ALL
      d530C/P2.8C/40bw/512E/AM3Q ALL
      d530C/P2.8E/40bfc/512G/4Q ALL
      d530C/P3.0C/80bc/512G/AH4 AUST
      d530C/P3.0C/80bc/512G/AH4 HK
      d530C/P3.0E/23636/4I ALL
      d530C/P3.2C/160bw/1.0G/AM4 US
      d530S/C2.2/40bc/256E/3 ALL
      d530S/P2.4/40bw/512E/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.4C/40br/512G/4Q SWIS2
      d530S/P2.66/18640/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.66/40bc/256D/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.66/40bc/256E/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.66/40bc/256E/4e ALL
      d530S/P2.66/40bc/512D/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.66/40bc/512E/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.66/40bd/512E/4 US
      d530S/P2.66/80ac/4.0E/AM2 ALL
      d530S/P2.66/80bw/512D/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8/40bd/512E/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8A/22411/4I ALL
      d530S/P2.8A/40bc/128D/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8A/40bc/512D/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8A/40bc/512E/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8A/40bd/128D/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8A/40bd/512E/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8A/40bq/512E/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8C/80bc/512G/4 ALL
      d530S/P2.8E/23637/4I ALL
      d530S/P2.8E/40bd/512G/4 NOR
      d530S/P2.8E/40bd/512G/4 PORT
      d530S/P3.0C/19877/4I ALL
      d530S/P3.0C/40bc/512D/AD4 ALL
      d530S/P3.0C/40bc/512G/4 ALL
      d530S/P3.0C/40bd//3Q ALL
      d530S/P3.0C/40bd/512G/4 ALL
      d530S/P3.0C/40bw//4 ALL
      d530S/P3.0E/40bc/128D/4 ALL
      d530S/P3.0E/40bd/128D/4 ALL
      d530S/P3.2C/40bc/1.0G/3 ALL
      d530S/p2.66/20581/3 ALL
      d530U/P2.4/40bnr/256D/4 ALL
      d530sC/P2.6C/40bc/256G/4e ALL
      d530sS/C2.0/40ac/4.0E/2t ALL
      d530sS/P2.6C/40bc/256G/4e ALL
      dc5000M/C330/22521/4I ALL
      dc5000S/P2.80A/23144/4I ALL
      dc5000S/P2.8A/24463/3 ALL
      dc5000S/P2.8A/40bfc/512D/4 ALL
      dc5000S/P3.0E/22933/4 ALL
      dc5100S/C330/28640/4 ALL
      dc5100S/P4-520/26395/3I ALL
      dc5100S/P4-530/80hnf/512J/4 US
      dc7100C/P4-520/26207/4I ALL
      dc7100C/P4-530/23862/4 ALL
      dc7100S/C330/40hcf/512I/3 ALL
      dc7100S/P4-520/26206/4I ALL
      dc7100S/P4-530/26208/4I ALL
      dc7100S/P4-530/80hfw/512G/4 ALL
      dc7600C/PD-945/36436/4 ALL
      dc7600S/P4-640/32945/4 ALL
      dc7700 SFF - MISC JPN/ENG
      dc7700S/PD-925/80hfw/512U/4Pk ALL
      dx2200M/P4-524/80hfw/512J/4d ALL
      dx2200M/P4-531/80hfc/256L/4d ALL
      dx2200M/P4-531/80hfc/512L/8d ALL
      dx2200M/PD-925/160hfw/512J/4d ALL
      dx2200M/PD-925/80hfw/1.0R/Q4k ALL
      dx2300M/C420/160fq/1.0L/4j ALL
      dx2300M/C420/80hfn/1.0R/8j ALL
      dx2300M/PD935/80h#fw/1.0R/8Hd ALL
      dx5150M/AS-30/34656/4I ALL
      dx6100M/P4-530/40hf/256F/8 ALL
      dx7300M/P4-651/250hfw/512R/8d ALL
      dx7400M/E2160/250hfq/1.0L/v8j ALL
      dx7400M/E6550/160hfq/1.0L/8j ALL
      dx7400M/E6550/160hfq/2.0R/AR4j ALL
      xw4100L/PD2.80/24482/GI ALL
      xw4100X/P4 2.60 800FSB/19287
      xw4100X/PC2.40/A160/C512/XvF/s ALL
      xw4100X/PC2.8/21132/X ALL
      xw4100X/PD3.0/B80/D512/XdF/s ALL
      xw4100X/PE2.80/22226/I AUST
      xw4600T/XA3.16/F500+2/S4.0/FX37zF/sWL AL
      xw46T/XM2.2/F160/K2/290vF/pWL ALL
      xw46U/XA2.83/B300a/S4/FGV56zF/q ALL
      xw6400X/XG3.0/41505/G ALL
      xw64X/XQ1.86/F160/R4/FGV33xF/p ALL
      xw8400X/XG2.00+/54205/G ALL
      xw8600T/XW2.00+/54028/G ALL
      xw8600T/XW2.83+/64984/G ALL
      xw9400T/PC2.4/F250/P4/FX17zF/s ALL
      xw9400T/PE2.6/F500/P4/FX37zF/s ALL
      xw9400T/PE2.8/F500/P4.0/XzF/s ALL
      Laptop batteries can only ship via FedEx or UPS GROUND!