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    HP AC adapter 65w - 110-240VAC 19.5V 3.33A - NSPFC - New Pull

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      Purchase HP AC adapter 65w - 110-240VAC 19.5V 3.33A - NSPFC - New Pull

      SKU: HEW-693715-001-NP_Outright
      HP AC adapter 65w - 110-240VAC 19.5V 3.33A - NSPFC - New Pull

      Condition: OEM
      Purchase Type: Outright

      Stock Status: Available to Special Order - Ships out in 2-3 days




      Substitute item may ship.

      AC adapter (65 watt) - Input voltage 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 19.5V, 3.33A DC output, RC/V, non-smart pin, with power factor correction (PFC) - (For use in all countries and regions)

      You may also want to order 213349-009 (use the search box above or look to the right) - the cord from this adapter to the wall. It isn't included with the adapter.

      Compatible with:

      AE5 C1550T2S5D6458 SK/RU/SV COMPAQ PRESARIO V3922TU NOTEBOOK PC HP Pavilion dv5218ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5D64N2 EURO COMPAQ PRESARIO V3923TU NOTEBOOK PC HP Pavilion dv5218TX Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5D64N2 SK/RU/SV COMPAQ PRESARIO V3924TU NOTEBOOK PC HP Pavilion dv5219TX Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DC6458 UK Compaq Presario V3925TU Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv521tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T2S5DC64N2 UK Compaq Presario V3926TU Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5220CA NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 BEL/FD Compaq Presario V3927TU Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5220eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 CZECH Compaq Presario V3928TU Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5220LA NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 DEN Compaq Presario V3929TU Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5220tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 FR Compaq Presario V3930TU Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5220US NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 GR Compaq Presario V3931TU Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5221tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 ITL/IE COMPAQ PRESARIO V3932TU NOTEBOOK PC HP Pavilion dv5222eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 NL_2 Compaq Presario V4001AP Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5222NR NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 NOR Compaq Presario V4002AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5222tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 P/G/I Compaq Presario V4003AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5223ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 PORT Compaq Presario V4003xx MV IUR Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5223OM NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 SP Compaq Presario V4004AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5223tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 SWE/FIN Compaq Presario V4015US Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5224ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM6458 UK Compaq Presario V4035EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5224eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 BEL/FD Compaq Presario V4035US Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5224NR NOTEBOOK
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 DEN Compaq Presario V4040EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5224tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 FR Compaq Presario V4050EA Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5225CA NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 GR Compaq Presario V4055EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5225ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 ITL/IE Compaq Presario V4058EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5225tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 NOR Compaq Presario V4075EA Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5226CA NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 P/G/I Compaq Presario V4100 (CTO) DF Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5226ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 SP Compaq Presario V4101AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5226eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 SWE/FIN Compaq Presario V4102AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5226TX Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 SWI/EI Compaq Presario V4103AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5227tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 SWI_8 Compaq Presario V4104AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5228TX Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T2S5DM64N2 UK Compaq Presario V4105AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5229tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T3X5D6458 EURO Compaq Presario V4106AP Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5230CA NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5D6458 SK/RU/SV Compaq Presario V4107AP Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5230US NOTEBOOK
      AE5 C1550T3X5D64N2 EURO Compaq Presario V4108AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5231eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5D64N2 SK/RU/SV Compaq Presario V4109AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5231tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T3X5DC6458 UK Compaq Presario V4110AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5232eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DC64N2 UK Compaq Presario V4110EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5232TX Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 BEL/FD Compaq Presario V4111AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5233ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 CZECH Compaq Presario V4112AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5233eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 DEN Compaq Presario V4113AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5233tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 FR Compaq Presario V4114AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5234ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 GR Compaq Presario V4115AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5234tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 ITL/IE Compaq Presario V4116AP Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5235CA NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 NL_2 Compaq Presario V4117AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5235ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 NOR Compaq Presario V4118AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5235tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 P/G/I Compaq Presario V4119AP Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5236ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 PORT Compaq Presario V4120EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5236eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 SP Compaq Presario V4120TU Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5236tx Notebook PC (AP)
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 SWE/FIN Compaq Presario V4120US Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5237CA NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 SWI_10 Compaq Presario V4121TU Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5237ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 UK Compaq Presario V4130EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5237TX Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM6458 US Compaq Presario V4133EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5238ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 BEL/FD Compaq Presario V4144EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5239ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 DEN Compaq Presario V4145EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5239tx Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 FR Compaq Presario V4146EA Notebook PC HP PAVILION DV5240CA NOTEBOOK PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 GR Compaq Presario V4147EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5240ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 ITL/IE Compaq Presario V4160EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5240tx Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 NOR Compaq Presario V4203EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5241ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 P/G/I Compaq Presario V4205EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5241tx Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 SP Compaq Presario V4215EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5242ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 SWE/FIN Compaq Presario V4402XX Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5243ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 SWI/EI Compaq Presario V4450EA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5243eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 SWI_8 Compaq Presario V5005CA Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5244ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1550T3X5DM64N2 UK Compaq Presario V5099XX Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5244eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1700T3X10D6498P EURO Compaq Presario V5100TU Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5245ea Notebook PC
      AE5 C1700T3X10D64N2P EURO Compaq Presario V5101TU Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv5245eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1700T3X10DC6498P ARAB COMPAQ PRESARIO V5101US NB HP Pavilion dv5246eu Notebook PC
      AE5 C1700T3X10DC6498P BEL Compaq Presario V5102TU Notebook PC

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